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Our Cavi Cone is the World’s Strongest Pre-roll – and we’re proud of it. For those who need a consistent and reliable product, the Cavi Cone is exactly what you need. The Cavi Cone is a pre-rolled cone that comes packaged in individual travel and storage tubes. Inside the perfectly-packed cone, you’ll find our signature Caviar Gold (a combination of the perfect bud, hash oil, and kief) as well as even more hash oil – making it *the* strongest pre-roll available. Aroma: Cavi Cones carry a surprisingly strong scent for a pre-roll. The intermingling of various odors is pleasant and enticing – allowing you to pick up on every part of the Caviar Gold within. Familiar aromas are front and center, with robust earthiness accented by a deep spice. Reminiscent of a Monday morning cup of coffee, the Cavi Cone is sure to perk up your senses. Flavor: Cavi Cones are actually available in various flavors – Original, Strawberry, Apple, Grape, Raspberry, and Vanilla. Each flavor is a winner – as unique and tasty as the next. We’re able to make our Cavi Cones so flavorful because we use all-natural, dehydrated fruit as flavoring for our hash oil. The classic and familiar flavors are ever-present; a rich earthiness and hint of spice are immediately recognized.

Cavi Cone


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